Thursday, 22 January 2009

We weren't prone to panic, which was just as well, but never before had we felt so close. We had a mixture of emotions; a bit like being tickled, a cross between pleasure and panic. We were laughing but somehow we wanted it all to stop and at the same time to carry on. We'd put one foot on the roller coaster and had no choice now but to hang on and enjoy the ride.
After several phone calls to our financial advisor, who unfortunately for him was on holiday in Spain, we arranged a verbal agreement for the extra cash. We viewed the house for the second time, signed the necessary papers and phoned various members of the family to share our news. 
Now all we had to do was get a high enough valuation on our house for the re-mortgage and we had two weeks to do it. After that period our offer couldn't be retracted, whether we had the money or not! 
It was a scary time and certainly one I would not want to repeat...ever! 
Northern Rock had just gone under and there was a lot of talk about a failing economy. Not the best news for us at all, especially as we needed to sell our house. However after 4 months we found a buyer, or rather they found our house, and the rest is histoire!  
Well I say history, we still had to make the move! Brian came up with the idea of doing it ourselves; you know, hire a van, buy a trailer, make several trips... at first I thought he was crazy; my opinion didn't change! 
All I can say is thank God for hair dye. It's amazing how someone can go almost totally grey over a short period of time! We did though still have our sense of humor, valium and the promise of cheap French wine!

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