Friday, 16 January 2009

We met Mark, from 1a1 immo, an estate agency in Angouleme. We immediately warmed to him, however it put our pigeon French to the test, as he spoke little english. He suggested we should go in his car, rather than follow him, and as we headed out of town we soon found ourselves surrounded by vinyards. We knew our first viewing would be 'Le pont De Vinade' and as the Charente reappeared on our right we sensed it wouldn't be long before we arrived.
Suddenly, it appeared. Between the trees we caught the first glimpse, then as we got closer to the bridge we saw it! Our house! It was far more beautiful then the pictures could have ever portrayed. We drove in through the large double gates and into the garden, stopping in front of the boathouse. 
We couldn't believe it, the view of the river from the walled garden was breathtaking, we even had resident swans. A yacht sailed gracefully past followed closely by two canoeists; it all seemed too good to be true. 
" Bonjour!" came a voice. " So you must be Mr. and Mrs. Sanders. Pleased to meet you." Oh thank goodness, a frenchman who spoke perfect English. He ushered us into the house and from the moment we stepped foot in the door, we knew we had come home.

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